Living History Event–March 15-16-17, 2013

After Action Report-Event Overview

Spring is showing up around Fort Stanton in many ways; small sprigs of green grass are growing, days are getting warm (though the nights are still a bit cold), the Junipers are pollinating (casting clouds of pollen at the slightest breath of air) and the wind is blowing.  We began this event by arriving early on Friday to help Nick Skogland with a little construction project on the grounds.  Larry Auld and Larry Pope helped in the framing of the TB Tent exhibit across the street from the museum.  This exhibit is designed to replicate one of the outdoor living quarters for Tuberculosis patients during the early 20th century.  With the framing nearly finished, this exhibit will soon be viewable by the public.

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Saturday dawned cool, but eventually warmed up to be a beautiful day.  Theresa cooked a breakfast of burritos which we voraciously consumed and then we went right into the morning flag ceremony.  A little Infantry drill immediately followed, and as we broke from this, we noticed a number of visitors on the grounds.  The group was soon engaged in numerous conversations and demonstrations, each member adding his expertise.  The crowd seemed to ebb and flow as the morning passed, but one group of visitors caught our attention, that being a group of cadets from the New Mexico Military Institute and two  of their professors.  The cadets were quite interested in the artillery piece, the horses and the camp display.  At this time, Larry Pope saddled his horse and ran through some mounted saber exercise much to the delight of the cadets.  After this, Larry Auld impressed the cadets into artillery drill, assigning each on to a position on the gun.  Though they didn’t get to fire the gun, they were hooked.  After talking to their professors, it is possible that NMMI could support a small group of cadets who could join the Garrison on a regular basis.  This would be a wonderful addition.

In the mid afternoon, Jo Pope hosted a ladies’ sewing circle.  The focus of this activity was to construct bonnets, which the ladies greatly enjoyed.  During the middle of sewing, they broke for a short tea time and then returned to bonnets and ribbon weaving.  Meanwhile, outdoors, the Garrison conducted a musket firing demonstration and then broke for more conversation with visitors.  The day closed with the evening flag ceremony.  Theresa prepared a wonderful dinner and we all enjoyed the evening fireside.

Sunday’s activities started with flag ceremony again, but we were called for assistance following this.  A small production group from Mescalero asked us to help them with the creation of a documentary style film.  Larry Pope, Emily and Wayne answered the call and became main subjects in a modern rendition of an Apache oral tradition.  The Mescaleros were happy to have our assistance and filming ran through mid day.  After this we packed everything and made our way home.



This event marks the twelfth month in a row we have had a living history event at Fort Stanton.  We couldn’t be happier about this accomplishment.

Visitation was outstanding for the weekend with over 80 people recorded for Saturday alone.  This is probably owing to the fact that many school systems are on Spring Break now.

The Garrison will have a business meeting following the April living history event following the evening flag ceremony.  The purpose of this meeting is to assess our events and propose improvements.  All interested parties are welcome to attend and make suggestions.

The following is a listing of Garrison events at Fort Stanton and proposed off-site events:

  • March 21 – 23–West Texas Heritage Day, For McKavett, TX
  • April 20–Garrison Living History, Fort Stanton
  • May 2 – 5–Fort Chadbourne Days, Fort Chadbourne, TX
  • May 18–Garrison Living History, Fort Stanton
  • May 24 – 26– Memorial Day Celebration, Fort Garland, CO
  • June 15–Garrison Living History, Fort Stanton


Schedule of Events

Friday, March 15

5:00–Living historians arrive at the fort and set up camp for event.


Saturday, March 16

  • 10:00–Morning Flag Ceremony
  • 10:15–Drill-Infantry school of the soldier
  • 11:00–Drill-Artillery
  • 12:00–Ration Issue
  • 1:30–Drill-Mounted saber exercise
  • 2:00–Ladies’ Sewing Circle-Making Bonnets.  Materials needed include wide brim straw sun hat, cloth, ribbon, netting and other adornments (flowers etc.), glue, (glue gun) needle and thread and scissors
  • 3:00–Musket Firing
  • 4:00–Ladies’ Tea
  • 5:00–Evening Flag Ceremony


Sunday, March 17

10:00–Morning Flag Ceremony

No further scheduled activities, however living historians will be on site most of the day.