Living History Event August 18, 2012

Event Overview

This month’s event, following the most successful Fort Stanton Live events to date, was conducted much like previous events.  James, Ken, Wayne, Stetson and Larry set up camp on Friday evening and enjoyed the camaraderie of the fire.  Saturday dawned with heavy cloud cover and the threat of rain, which hovered over us throughout the day.  Our first activity was intended to be a photo shoot along the Rio Bonito in support of the BLM, however with the poor lighting due to clouds, this was cancelled.  We did however pose for a few photos some time later on site with the BLM photographer.  Wayne Yost was issued an authentic drum that had been graciously loaned by the Old Fort Bliss Museum, many thanks to Wanda Kienzle, the curator.  From dawn to dusk ….. and some time beyond, the walls of Fort Stanton echoed with the pounding of the drum as Wayne displayed his zeal for the instrument.  He was challenged with learning a new call each month to be demonstrated to the Garrison.

A short drill session was held about 9:30 followed immediately by flag raising.  Larry gave a short presentation about historic boxes in relation to the Army supply system for Fort Stanton.  Matt and his partners (Belle, Spanky and Thunder) entertained a fort tour.  Following the tour, a ration issue was held in preparation for the afternoon scout.  About 12:30, the Garrison left the fort buildings in search of an original wagon road through the mountains to the immediate north of the fort.  The Garrison, afoot, was met by Mounted Matt and the Entertainment Committee at the base of the hills and all joined the search for the road, which was easily spotted and followed.  Along the way, numerous artifacts were found and returned to their resting places including a cup, coffee pot, bullets, glass and square nails, all holding some information of the history of the fort.  The Garrison rested at the crest of the hills and ate a haversack lunch, to which the Entertainment Committee felt a part, though they had not received such rations.  Following the noon meal, we resumed the march and were greeted with a wonderful view of the fort grounds.  Some, not happy with the current view, ascended the tallest peak, but were driven away by lightning and the threat of rain.  We returned thoroughly exhausted and opted for a rest in camp.  The final activity would be the flag ceremony.  Some of the Garrison were able to remain in camp Saturday evening allowing for a small flag ceremony Sunday morning.

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The Garrison has continued to show strong support for the living history program as we have had an average of 8 participants at each event.

Dan Judy announced his intent to marry his long time girlfriend Kate during the September event.  That event will be September 22, and the Garrison will be in full support of such a wonderful occasion.

Jack Schuster has also scheduled a Boy Scout Camporee to coincide with the September event.  We will be very busy keeping up with everything.

Many of the Garrison will be supporting Fort Selden  during Frontier Day, September 7-9.