Fort Stanton Living History Event October 20, 2012

After Action Report

Members Present

Larry Auld, Mike Bilbo, Ken Davis, Dan Judy, Josh Judy, Matt Midgett, Larry Pope and his children Emily and Amanda, and Theresa Yost and her children Wayne, Wyatt, Cassidy and Aubrey

We were joined by several ladies during this living history event:  Nicole Baker, Barbra Bilbo, Victoria Davis, Ann Marie Detavernier, Karen Keyworth, Jo Pope and Sena Pope

Event Overview

Fall has arrived at Fort Stanton.   We couldn’t have asked for better weather for this event nor for better colors.  While the mornings are crisp, the afternoons are comfortably warm.   The leaves are turning to bright yellows and reds and beginning to cover the ground.  It was over this weekend that we decided to begin our ‘Ladies Impressions’ series, a sequence of presentations concerning women’s dress, activities and history at Fort Stanton during the 1850’s.  These presentations, guided by Victoria Davis, are designed to enhance the authentic participation of women during Garrison activities.  This initial presentation focused on the underpinnings of women’s clothing and basic dress design.  With the number of ladies present in period attire, Mrs. Davis had several examples to show in support of her sources.  Several visitors attended the discussion and had good comments afterward.

In addition to the ladies’ activity, several other scheduled activities took place in and around the fort.  Following the morning flag ceremony, the garrison practiced stacking arms, a unique and necessary skill to keep muskets secure and safe.  Mike Bilbo hosted a historic map making class describing the difference between modern contour maps and those made in the 1850’s.  Following the class, we marched to the old fort cemetery to put our new map making skills to the test.  Matt Midgett engaged in a little mounted saber exercise in the late afternoon and evening flag ceremony closed out the day.

Sunday morning opened with the flag ceremony, but no other scheduled activities.  We had good visitation, however, so volunteers remained on site for most of the day.


This was a very good living history event.  With the addition of the ladies’ activities, our program will improve and enhance the visitor’s experience.  Subsequent ladies’ topics will be hosted about every other month and will include children’s clothing, textiles, hair styles, accessories and etiquette to name a few.

The next encampment will include a ciphering lesson by Mike Bilbo and artillery drill.

It was decided to schedule the next four events so everyone could prepare adequately with respect to the holidays.  These dates are as follows (weather permitting):

  • November   17
  • December   15–Christmas pot luck and tree decorating
  • January (2013)   19
  • February   16


Event Schedule: Friday, October 19

5:00–Living historians gather, set up camp and Nurse’s Quarters and light a fire.

Saturday, October 20

  • 7:00 a.m.–Reveille
  • 8:30–Drill 9:00–Flag Raising Ceremony
  • 10:00–Special Presentation by Victoria Davis ‘Underneath It All’ and ‘Key Aspects of the Dress’
  • 1:00–Field March to Old Fort Cemetery
  • 1:30–Historic Map Making (in the field), Mike Bilbo
  • 3:30–Return from Field March
  • 4:00–Drill Cavalry/Infantry
  • 5:00–Flag Lowering Ceremony Evening free

Sunday, October 21

10:00–Flag Raising Ceremony

No further scheduled activities although living historians will be on site.