Living History Event–September 22, 2012

Cannon with soldiersFriday

5:00pm–Living historians gather at Fort Stanton, set up camp and prepare for activities.

Saturday (tentative)

  • 7:00am–Reveille
  • 8:30–Drill with Boy Scouts & Prepare for morning flag ceremony
  • 10:00–Morning flag ceremony
  • 11:00–Drill: Musket firing
  • 1:30–Drill:  Artillery
  • 3:00–Fatigue detail: prepare for wedding
  • 5:00–Dan Judy Wedding: details  on site
  • 6:00–Evening flag ceremony    (time may be altered with respect to wedding schedule)
  • Evening camp fire with Boy Scouts


  • 10:00am–Morning flag ceremony
  • No other scheduled activities, however, living historians will be on site most of day.

After Action Report

Evenings are becoming very cool at Fort Stanton these days, perhaps now because we have just entered Fall.  During Friday’s set up of camp, we began serious thoughts of sleeping in doors….. Nah, we’ll tough it out, but an extra blanket will be welcome.  The Boy Scout Camporee, scheduled for this same weekend was taking shape as Scout camps were set up on the parade ground opposite ours.  As evening closed in, the sounds of boys playing in the darkness filled the air around the historic buildings.  Those sounds echoed for quite a while.

Saturday dawned cold as expected which slowed the morning progress some.  Morning parade was joined by the Garrison and Scouts alike as we raised the flag and then dismissed to our individual activities.  The Scouts were broken into small groups and each group engaged a different activity.  One of those activities was a tour of the fort headed by Matt Midgett, of which he did several.  The morning’s schedule was actually fairly light allowing time to help Dan Judy set up for his wedding.  Several visitors came through camp and were entertained by the Garrison.  By noon, rations of sausage, bread, cheese, parched corn, apples and pickles had been issued and were consumed in short order.  Immediately following, Larry Auld conducted an artillery drill on the 6 pounder and the mountain howitzer.  Being short of powder and experience, we did not fire the pieces during this drill session.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent in camp or amongst the Boy Scouts availing ourselves to duties as needed.

Shortly before 5:00pm, the Garrison assembled in front of the chapel for the wonderful occasion of a wedding.  Chaplain Jack Schuster presided over the ceremony as Garrison members lined the entry way and welcomed onlookers and participants to the wedding.  Dan’s soon-to-be wife Kate, dressed in a beautiful hoop dress, was escorted by Larry Pope and given into marriage by the Garrison itself.  Following the vows, the newlyweds strolled under the traditional saber arch and Kate’s bum was swatted by one of the sabers.  The offending saber was not identified.  We adjourned to the museum porch for a nice reception to pay our respects to the newly married couple.

The day closed with another joint flag ceremony with both Boy Scouts and the Garrison.  After a quick dinner, Mike Bilbo joined the Boy Scouts at the evening camp fire and led them in a number of historic tunes.  Following the fire, everyone settled down for another cool night of camping.  For Sunday morning, the only scheduled activity was a flag ceremony which was coupled with the Boy Scout Camporee closing ceremony.


This event will be most memorable for Dan and Kate Judy.  We were all happy to help them make their day special and wish them many years of happiness together.

In a discussion with Jack Schuster, it was decided to move any future Boy Scout Camporees to a weekend other than a planned Living History weekend.  This would allow volunteers to focus on Boy Scouts and their activities during a Camporee and living history during a living history weekend.

The next Living History event will be October 20.  During that weekend, we will be scheduling a number of interesting activities.  Mike Bilbo will conduct a field mapping exercise and Victoria Davis (Ken’s wife) will host a ladies’ apparel discussion.  It is our hope to begin having more activities for ladies during our living history weekends.